Stitching and Surface Ornamentation Women’s Cluster

District Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh (India)


Employment generation has been one of the primary activities undertaken by Tumul Social Fundamental Development Society. We have taken up activities which enable women and the unemployed youth of Madhya Pradesh to get trained and take up various income generating activities. A major initiative undertaken by Tumul society has been the training and placement of women in Bhopal, and the villages around the region including Bawadiya Kalan, Salaiya and Misrod, in the field of sewing, stitching, and basic surface ornamentation of fabric and clothing. Over the years these women have collaborated on various projects and have completed many orders, primarily as job work opportunities. presents a very good example of economic disparity which exists within the nation. While a part of the locality belongs to one of the most effluent section of the society With changing world markets, bottle necks in various markets, a diverse product profile ensures cash flow as well as enables a positive outlook for the cluster as whole. We aim to provide economical stability to the women in this cluster who are skilled and already involved in stitching activities, primarily as job work, with infrastructure and machinery which enables value addition, diversifies their product portfolio, at the same time giving them control of the marketing and branding of their own products. Effectively in this cluster we aim to establish a small apparel cluster which will prove to be a backbone towards income generation for the women involved in the cluster and at the same time it will also involve more women and generate further employment opportunities for marginalized women in the cluster as well as the villages around the cluster.

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